School of Business and Entrepreneurship

Upcoming Schools: April 3rd, 2014 - June 27th, 2014

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Business As Mission

Course Description:

YWAM SF is excited to be pioneering the School of Business and Entrepreneurship. WE WILL USE BUSINESS AS A TOOL TO SEE GOD'S REDEMPTION AND TRANSFORMATION IN A CULTURE. We will equip and release people called to business with a missional worldview into a movement called Business as Mission (BAM). Our focus is to impact the least reached peoples on the planet and God's purpose for business as a transformational agent in their cultures.
The School of Business & Entrepreneurship is a brand new secondary school that introduces fundamental core business disciplines such as Marketing, Sales, Operations/Fulfillment, Finance, Administration and more. Each week we will tackle a new discipline and view it from a business theory and biblical perspective. After taking this course a student should have a general understanding of how 10/40 window businesses work and the necessary information to choose which discipline they may wish to focus on within the overall sphere of business in the nations.

Topics Include:

  • Hearing God's Voice in Business
  • Biblical Marketing & Sales
  • Operations & Fulfillment
  • Biblical Finance
  • Administration and Support Functions
  • The Role of an Entrepreneur
  • Business Planning and Development
  • Biblical Servant Leadership
With their newly developed skills, students will complete a 3-9 month internship in the 10/40 window. This can be done by coming alongside existing Business as Mission initiatives, researching potential new business opportunities, or even beginning to pioneer new BAM initiatives. They will receive both field based and distance coaching from experienced BAM practitioners throughout the length of their internship.
Completion of a YWAM DTS (Discipleship Training School).

For more information, call 1 800 FOR-YWAM or

Contact the Registrar at:; (719) 226-3062

Meet The Leaders: Dave and Trina Stone
20120430 Dave & Trina

"We love missions. We love entrepreneurship. We really love missions and entrepreneurship. It's our peanut butter and chocolate "Reese's Cup" for obeying God's call on our lives. While we were in college, we began to understand that our call to missions was going to be expressed through business.

We have learned to combine the apostolic with the entrepreneurial to take the Gospel to the workplace.

After a number of years working in corporate America, we started an application software company in Texas called First Rate ( It's a company attempting to express the character of God in all our relationships. Our values are Love, Give, Serve and Enjoy and we call it "First Rate Living" ( We have multiplied the principles with additional companies in Afghanistan and India. Our family has partnered with YWAM since 1997, and they've hosted us on over 50 short term mission trips. The partnership is a strategic component in our businesses. We have learned to combine the apostolic with the entrepreneurial to take the Gospel to the workplace. We've completed a DTS and heard a call to help pioneer business training with a mission mindset. It's time to help people follow God into business to reach the nations through business. We see the revival of godly business as an important movement to transform the nations in the 9-to-5 window. It's time to train up the next generation of business leaders - young people with a drive for social and spiritual significance instead of just material wealth and success. Dave graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in Economics. Trina graduated from Columbia College with a double major in Chemistry and Biology. We've raised three children; two in business and one in Veterinary Medicine. Come join us for the School of Business and Entrepreneurship.
Love, Give, Serve & Enjoy,

Dave & Trina

During your school explore the following:

Colorado Adventure Sports The Arts

  • Mountain biking Mountain biking
  • Climbing Climbing
  • Campus Pool Campus Pool
  • Skiing Skiing
  • Climbing 14ers Climbing 14ers
  • Hiking Hiking
  • Colorado Springs Colorado Springs
  • Our campus Our campus
  • Our halls turning into a bike workshop Our halls turning into a bike workshop
  • Mountain Biking Mountain Biking
  • Mountain Biking Mountain Biking
  • Climbing Climbing
  • Mountain Climbing Mountain Climbing
  • Flag football Flag football
  • Campus pool Campus pool
  • Golf Golf
  • Worship Worship Worshiping Jesus with all your heart will change your life.
YWAM-SF Mission Statement


"We are so excited to be pioneering The School of Business and Entrepreneurship here at YWAM-SF. Business is a language that every culture speaks, it crosses boundaries and boarders where the Gospel has never been. Together we will use business to reach those places for the sake of Christ."
- Andrew and Tonya Nielson

A typical day's schedule:

  • 6:00 - Wake up: Drink coffee, splash cold water on your face, quiet time with Jesus
  • 6:45 - Head downstairs for breakfast (don't skip it, you need the brain food)
  • 7:15 - Back to your room to get ready
  • 9:00 - Class Time. (Worship and Intercession with the whole base on Mondays and Wednesdays)
  • 12:30 - Lunch. Usually much more interactive than the grunts and yawns you hear at breakfast.
  • 1:30 - Work Duty: Housekeeping/Maintenance (among others).
  • 3:30 - Stop by Kairos to get a coffee and then back to class.
  • 5:30 - Dinner. Hope for the fantastic curry or Mediterranean meals that the kitchen crew makes.
  • 6:30 - Jump into a car with a classmate headed downtown to walk/run the free 5K with the rest of Colorado Springs every Tuesday (hey...10 times and you get a free t-shirt).
  • 7:30 - Off to Jives Coffee Shop to study, talk, play games.
  • 9:00 - Head back to campus.
  • 9:15 - Hang out with roommates, wander the halls and visit people, read and wind down, get ready for bed.
  • 10:30 - Bed. Trust me, you need the rest.


  • Lecture Phase for singles: $3,495
  • Lecture Phase for couples: $6,890
  • Internship Phase: Cost is dependent on location and duration of trip.
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